Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today, I wanted to talk about systems, and my love of them! 


One of my favorite “mom” books is Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell.  In it she describes “robbers” that steal our joy as mothers.  It probably doesn’t come as any surprise, but disorganization is one of the robbers she lists.  I know for myself this is true. If ever I’m grumpy, I can usually pinpoint it to disorganization of some sort.

I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the overall mess, and lump it all together into one big blob.  Instead, what I’ve learned that has helped me, is ask myself what it is that’s exactly bothering me and then break it up into parts.

Is it that books are piled up on the furniture?  Toys on the steps?  Shoes in the hallway?  A hamper I always seem to be tripping over?  I name the problem and write it down.  Then I come up with a solution or system for that specific problem. 

Sometimes the answer is really simple and doesn’t take any time at all.  For other things, it might take much trial and error before coming up with suitable system that works consistently. 
For the past couple years, I’ve tried coming up with a solution to our drinking problem.  No worries… I’m not talking about that kind of drinking problem.  I’m talking about the kind where everyone gets a new cup every time they want something to drink.  Then they proceed to leave the glass on any surface they find convenient.  Then of course, the next time they get thirsty, the previously used cup cannot be located  and the cycle starts again.  Humph. 

Wisteria has solved our drinking problem!  I found this caddy in their catalog, and promptly ordered. 


It’s what I’ve been searching for all along. 


Whenever our children are finished their drink, they rinse, and put the glass back in their spot.  Simple!  Problem solved. 


And it’s cute.  That counts almost as much.


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