Thursday, June 3, 2010

Under my Sink Makeover

Last week, we had another leak under our sink.  That was the 2nd time since living here that it leaked.  Argh!!!  So, I decided that this would be a great time to finally give it a little makeover that it so desperately needed.

This is how it looked withed everything out and with all the water marks.  I should of taken a picture of the REAL before, but I had to take everything out because of the water.

We have a lot of STUFF in there.  We have a Reverse Osmosis System, which has the three filters and that huge tank.  Then there is the garbage disposal in the middle and I NEED to keep my garage can under the sink.  

The first thing that I did was line the bottom of the cabinet with a white liner.  I think that it looks clean and new plus it hides the water marks!

Doesn’t it look way better already???

We already had this door organizer on.  ( I love these things!!!)

I got them from Wal-Mart for about $8.

I decided to add another one to the inside wall.

Then I had to move this one over so they can both fit when the door closes.

I also added "trash" to the trash can with permanent marker because I don't have a vinyl maker.

Then, I used furniture marker on all of the needed edges.


I had an idea I had from my sister to make something for my plastic bags so I took an old coffee can (which I would never recommend this flavor, yuck!!!)

Next, I took off the wrapper and spray painted it white.

Then I cut a hole in the top.

I used these stickers.

And then... :)
Isn’t it cute???

Next, I put everything back into the cabinet.

I started with the door.   I bought the Target Great Value Brand because they were cheaper and WHITE (so they match my theme.)

Then, I added my cleaners in the other wall container.  I keep my all-purpose and degreaser cleaners on the end for easy access.   After that, I keep my liquid dish wash and my basic h.  They all fit in perfectly!

Under that I keep my dish wash powder and……

my scour off, sponges and other stuff.

I added my can for my bags and my other cleaners.  (Floor and Disinfectant)

Doesn’t that look organized??? I am really loving it!!!!  YAY!

Here it is now!!!

Now I feel way better!!!  I organized under my sink with a Reverse Osmosis System (including 3 filters and a tank), a garbage disposal, a trash can, bag can, all of my cleaners, sponges, foil, 2 zipper bags and plastic wrap with room to spare!

How do you organize under your sink?


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