Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Growing Garden

I was able to steal a quick smile from Hubby while he was out in the garden...pulling weeds.

While he went on to mow the lawn, I busied myself with other important tasks - picking daisies and taking pictures. ; )

As you can see, the grape vines grew quickly. It will be some time until there's fruit to pick, but we love the billowing green corridor of curly vines they offer through the summer.

The yellow flowers that border the garden are a variety of marigold (for pest resistance). We chose this variety because they looked wild.

And so far the garden hasn't been invaded by deer or rabbit, unless they're pruning very wisely.

As of this evening, there is one nearly red tomato hanging from one of the tomato plants. We will be sure to celebrate the day it is plucked as it will be the first taste of our new garden.


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