Friday, July 23, 2010

Bathing Bohemian Style


I really do like color. 


In small doses. 


And the bathroom is the perfect spot for it.


A couple of years ago I found this bohemian style skirt at Macy’s in the girl’s section. 


I snatched it up, knowing it was not destined to live its life hung from my little girl’s hips.


No, it needed to be hung somewhere in my house to liven things up a bit. 


I think it adds an element of surprise, wouldn’t you say?


The legs of this sink were old bed posts we found at the local junk shop.  Flipped upside down, they make quirky legs for the antique marble sink we got off craigslist.


The top came with the ugliest shiny brass legs with chicken feet. 


The mirror was just a frame from an antique store.  We had a mirror cut for it.  My handy husband made an inset cabinet behind it.  The frame came in black, which I almost kept as is, but ended up painting it my signature color.  (if you haven’t guessed, that would be white)


The sweet enameled container on the wall came from TJ Maxx.  I use it to store paper towels for drying.


The vintage looking wall hook is from Pottery Barn.  I purchased it using a gift card I won from Houzz’s interview with Miss Mustard Seed (aka Marian).  So now you know I always think of my bloggy friends every time I enter the restroom.


But maybe that’s not the most flattering thought.  Moving along…


On the other wall, we have a three tier basket from Pier-1 for storage.  And another Pottery Barn purchase is sitting beside it.  It’s advertised as a hurricane lamp, but it’s more useful as a waste can.  We have fancy plans for the top.  Stay tuned!


Thanks for visiting our little pocket of color!


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