Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cottage Community

Melaine from My Sweet Savannah is hosting a giveaway for a Rendezvous Vintage candle.  The candle comes from the charming  shop, “Haley’s Cottage” in Kirkland, WA.  Visit My Sweet Savannah to enter! 

Reading her post conjured up sweet memories for me.  We used to live right next door to the quaint little city of Kirkland.  I used to love walking around downtown and visiting all the cozy shops.  I would often take a picnic lunch with my kiddies at the lake beach , and afterward we would feed the ducks.  It also evoked images of gray skies, puddles, and ponchos… but I digress.


One of my favorite memories from that time was admiring a cottage community I used to pass by.  It wasn’t really on my way anywhere.


But somehow I managed to find it, and from then on I purposely took a detour anytime I was in the general area. 


And every time I passed by, I would let out a big sigh. 


I even got out of my car and talked with the developer.  You see, my parents needed a push to move to the other side of the United States.  I just knew these cottages were the way to get them there. 


Or rather, that was the excuse I devised to see the little dollhouses for myself.  Surely we could cram our (then) 7 person family into one of these miniscule darlings.


Yes, I tried to convince myself!


My parents didn’t fall for them the way I did.  They like their space.  And their privacy. 


Well… those are two things your money won’t be buying in one of these communities. 


But Mom!  You could wheel home your groceries in a Red Flyer wagon!


This Kirkland community and others like it were developed by “The Cottage Company”.  The houses themselves were designed by Ross Chapin Architects.  Yes, I’ve poured over their site as well, and it’s worth visiting! 


I just love an architect and developer with a vision, and these guys have it in spades. 


I love the thought and detail they put into every aspect. 



I love that they are developing these little communities to promote a sense of family, which sadly, a lot of people lack today. 

I love that they call them “pocket neighborhoods” and that they encourage the owners to name their cottages and display the names on their flowerboxes. 




Big sigh.


All images courtesy The Cottage Company and Ross Chapin Architects.


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