Monday, July 5, 2010

Dash and Albert - My Review

woven monty

CSN stores provided me with two Dash and Albert rugs to use and review.  I was amazed at the speed of their delivery.  I selected my rugs from their Vanity Store, and they promptly arrived two days later!

You may have noticed one of the rugs in my last post.  It’s been sitting in front of our kitchen sink. 


This pattern is called Monty, and it’s a woven cotton rug.  The color pattern in this rug lends itself to much abuse (i.e. dirt).  I really love this rug, and having had it for several weeks, it still looks good.   But again, I think the colors are the key to my success with it.  (Any water spots you see below are from this morning’s dishwashing- real life review here!)


The only complaint I have with this particular rug is that it’s lightweight, and even with a rug pad underneath, it’s liable to shift around and wrinkle up.  Set in a regular thoroughfare, it could potentially be a tripping hazard. 

Our indoor/outdoor Dash and Albert rug is a different story.  It’s quite stiff, and lies on the floor in a more sturdy way.  We got this pattern, Lighthouse Denim (on left):

lighthousedenim, As you can see, there are stark white stripes.  The white definitely shows dirt, but it cleans up very easily with just a little dish soap and water.  We’ve had it in our bathroom, and it still looks good as new.  I believe their indoor/outdoor rugs would work practically in any room!  I really love that it doesn’t look like your typical indoor/outdoor rug. 

bathroom rug


After sampling these smaller rugs, I confidently predict we’ll be seeing more of Dash and Albert around here!


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