Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

Well, Jennifer over at Conversion Diary does this ("7 Quick Takes Friday") every Friday. This is my first time, and may be my only time- I don't do well with online consistency. :) But here are 7 (actually, it's 8) "Quick Takes" from my week:

  1. Moses (he's nearly 6 weeks old, can you believe it?) has been sleeping 6-7 hours each night for the last week now. Oh my goodness, my body and mind are feeling the delight.

  2. I just did Level 1 of Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. Feels good. It's a 20-minute deal... it cracked me up when she said, "I know you just want to shut off this DVD right now, but keep it going. Stay with me." Because I totally felt like shutting it off. But I know she's right... if I put in the work, I can be healthy. My goal isn't to have fabulous abs... but to be healthy and strong. I think this should contribute to that. Let's just all hope I can consistently do this a few times a week.

  3. There is a real stress to life with little ones that we all feel but isn't too often discussed, because it's embarrassing and frustrating to feel yourself be a grump towards your kids. I've been feeling it. It's a combination of hormones, heat, the hectic pace, and happening-upon-spilled-juice,-play-doh-messes,-and-someone-crying-"he-just-hit-me", all at the same time. Or something along those lines. And none of us are perfect.

    My husband and I have been talking about how to deal better with these things... like, expect a spill at least once a day, then you won't be surprised when it happens. And, pray for self-control and gracious words in our reactions. And, call each other on it when we've blown it (yes, this one requires both parties fully signing onto this agreement, or else it could get ugly). And, just be honest with our kids that we are imperfect humans and humbly ask for their forgiveness each time it's needed. Any other practical ideas on dealing with frustration and anger?

  4. I finished "You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin at the beginning of this week, and you know what? I believe him. After reading that book, I feel like if I wanted to, I really COULD farm. But I think I've already mentioned my problem with consistency over time, haven't I? He makes the point that cows don't do well if you milk them at 4pm one day, 5pm the next, and 3pm the next. Consistency matters... so I don't think I'll be running a dairy (except for the milk I personally produce) anytime soon.

  5. Also, today, I finished reading Julie and Julia. Wow, she has a foul mouth. And she admits to it, I'm not saying anything she didn't say at least half a dozen times in her own book. Maybe I'm really out of it but do people really, in real life, seriously curse that often? She used the f-word in probably every possible part of speech at some point in the book. And yes, I kept reading. I'm really not altogether offended by cuss words, and I'd heard great things about the story line (on that point-- eh, it was OK), so I pressed on. But even though I'm not that offended by cuss words, I do notice cuss words, especially when they are such a large percentage of a person's used vocabulary.

    And as for the book, I dog-eared one recipe I want to try, but the book itself struck me as highly self-absorbed, cloyingly hip and cynical, and like what so many people without Christ need to do to try to find purpose in their lives. You know... the people in Better Off that lived off the grid and joined an Amish community for a year. The guy who "lived biblically" for a year by following the Old Testament laws and took to carrying around a stool so he didn't have to sit on the same chair that a menstruating woman had sat on. The guy currently walking across America so he can take it all in (he's in Oregon now, almost done!). I'm not saying any of these are bad (in fact, except for the absurdity of the legalistic stool guy, I think all of these are pretty neat ideas and stuff I myself would like to do/learn how to do). But I think we all--even "Christians"-- can tend to seek fulfillment through things/experiences rather than in Christ. It's great to want to learn to cook well, but that, in and of itself, will never bring long-lasting fulfillment.

  6. It's been a long time since I've had a real life female close friend. A heart-level honesty-baring friend. I miss that. I've taken to baring my soul to our ladies' Bible study group each week... which is great for transparency and accountability, but not good for getting feedback and really connecting with another person the way it happens when it's 1-on-1. But I'll take what I can get and I am thankful for those ladies who hear what is basically my confession each week.

  7. Finally, my husband is just incredible. I love him, I love him, I love him. He 1-Corinthian-13-style-loves me so faithfully and palpably... and I would be up a creek without him. I wouldn't be me without him. He challenges me and laughs with me and cares for our children and makes me sleep in (yes, makes me, because often once I wake up the first time during daylight hours--to nurse-- my mind starts racing and it's very difficult for me to fall back asleep) and rubs my feet and corrals four children at the dinner table single-handedly (while I nurse Moses) and leads us to memorize Scripture (which I basically stink at, were it not for his taking the lead in this direction) and more that I'm just not going to lay out here because it would take all day. Basically, he's incredible. I know it's a blessing... and I'm so thankful for him.

  8. OK, I came back to add this one, so consider it a freebie. Today, we were driving and listening to music, and our oldest son said, "my favorite bands are U2, the Beatles, and Johnny Cash". Now, that's some good taste, if I do say so myself. :)

And that's my first, and what may be my only, 7--no 8-- Quick Takes Friday. Feedback? Thoughts?


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