Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little something to share with you

Saturday afternoon was spent at Halfpenny Home in fine company sharing Scoffin apple and almond cake and a glass of chilled white wine. So, when Sunday came around, I felt I really should get busy! Loads to do in the garden as per usual and I was also busy with some painting projects, which I could thankfully do outside, making the most of the glorious August sunshine. But I took a little time out to make some hummus - I am ashamed to say I have always bought it before but decided that it really was time I acted more thriftily and made my own! The recipe is from Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros - a beautiful book that I would highly recommend. The photography is stunning and the recipes are a delight. The strapline to the book is "a world of family recipes" and it is just that! Brilliant!

The hummus was yummy (suffice to say I will not be buying hummus anymore!) and was enjoyed even more because I was able to sit and admire my latest purchase - a vintage french metal table and chairs that I bought from Ellie, who just happened to mention that she had this for sale when I saw her last week! The perfect form of recycling. I am thinking though, a lovely tablecloth with pom pom trim might just be the perfect addition......another project to add to the list!
Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend.


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