Friday, August 13, 2010

Etsy Friends

My friend Allison and I go way back.  She befriended me, the new girl in town, when my biggest child was itty-bitty, and my second was inside still brewing.  She has a keen eye for all things vintagy and cool.  If I lived near Atlanta, I'd be tempted to snatch this sign up.  I like the story behind it almost as much as the sign itself.  Her little blurry boy running in front, I love even more. 

How is it that I end up with friends much hipper than myself?  Or rather, how do they end up with me?  If you are looking for unique vintage items, Allison's shop is the place to go.  Click here to visit A Flea Circus.

Next up:  Goulash

The 5 sisters who make up Goulash are from a family of 12 children! They are excellent seamstresses, and make things like the above.  They also find fun vintage things for their shop.  And people ask me how I have the time.  I think these girls are a bit more busy.  But they make it work, Check them out!


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