Monday, August 23, 2010

How I Organize my Crafts

2010 08 23_8566

I really wish that I had a craft/school room in my house but for now there just isn’t the room. 

I thought, “What am I supposed to with all of our crafts?” 

I decided to make some of our kitchen’s butler pantry into a craft pantry.  We do most of our crafts in the kitchen anyway.  I used an upper and lower cabinet  to store all of our stuff.  I wasn’t actually sure how I was going to store so many things in such a little space.  I thought the only way was to use bins.

I looked around at different stores for the right ones and I finally found some at Wal-Mart.    They fit into the cabinets perfectly and they were the cheapest too!  (Why do bins cost so much anyway?)

When I was at the store, I purchased a TON of different bins because I wasn’t sure how many and what sizes I would need.  I just returned to extra.

2010 08 23_8552 

After, I fit everything in how I wanted to, I made labels for each bin.  I used address labels and love how it turned out!

2010 08 23_8569

I love that the kids can see through the bins!

Now everything has a spot and I can just take out one bin at a time.

2010 08 23_8553 2010 08 23_8554 2010 08 23_8556 2010 08 23_8557 

I even saved a spot for easy access to some books, coloring books and color wonder/explosion books.

2010 08 23_8558 2010 08 23_8559

This is the lower cabinet.  On the top shelf, I have a bin for each child with their own school/activity books.  They love having their own bin.  At the beginning of the day, I just have to bring out 2 bins and the  kids always know where keep their stuff.

2010 08 23_8560 2010 08 23_8561 2010 08 23_8562 

I also keep extra supplies in here.

2010 08 23_8563

Construction paper and scrapbooking supplies are also kept in here.

2010 08 23_8564 

Here is how it turned out!  I am so happy!!!!

2010 08 23_8566 2010 08 23_8567 2010 08 23_8568 

My house did get messy while we were trying to get organized, lol!  But the kids loved helping me!

 2010 08 06_8313

How about you, how do you organize you crafts?

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