Sunday, August 8, 2010

It started on Friday....and ended with Aspalls on Sunday!

......Our busy Weekend
Halfpenny Home has a new number! On Friday the BT man came to connect us. We were just on our way out when he arrived but, plied with a nice large mug of tea, he agreed to lock up and pop the keys through the door when he'd done. When we returned, it was done! We are proud to say our new number is 01449 720468! To celebrate we bought a new phone, which complements its surroundings perfectly!

Having left the BT man in total control of Halfpenny Home, we trundled off to Val's at Vintage French We were treated to a wonderful and totally unexpected alfresco lunch of french pate, bread, lovely Suffolk cheeses and elderflower cordial. It's always a joy to visit Val - her home and garden are a feast, not only for our tummies but for all of our senses!

Everyone gets special treatment at Val's - even Ben. Just look at his beautiful bed.

And the weekend just kept getting better. The Knit Collage order arrived to lots of oooh's and aaaah's! Isn't it just fantastic?
We have also received our first order of Injabulo ceramic buttons. Here is just a small selection.
Particularly love the little cupcakes!

And finally. Da dah! The latest issue of Oh Comely arrived. Nic is featured in this issue and on Sunday, following a leisurely Sunday brunch with friends, I decided to make the most of the lovely summer sunshine and duly settled down in my deckchair with a copy of the magazine and a bottle of Aspalls!

Nic won't thank me for posting a picture of her, but here it is anyway (sorry Nic but it had to be done!!). The article was written by Beth Davis, and she also took the photographs. Beth is a photographer and illustrator. Take a look at her website

We have copies of the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine in the studio for sale. To read a bit more about the magazine see

Hope you had a great weekend too!
Jacqui x


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