Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Your Grandma’s Quilt


Thanks to our two adoptions, I’ve ventured out of the U.S. on two occasions… Kazakhstan and Poland.  Both countries enlightened us (including our children) as to how the rest of the world lives.  Both trips got me itching for more.  I think I was born a natural gypsy.  I wouldn’t mind visiting (or even living in) a new location every year or two.  Really!


India however, has always been at the top of my list.  I figure if we’re going to spend the money traveling abroad, it might as well be to a country that is completely and utterly different than our own. 


There’s just something about India that intrigues me.  Maybe it’s their food which I could never muster up the effort or know-how to prepare.  I find it absolutely mouth watering.  Or maybe it’s the way the woman dress in their brightly hued saris and kurtis…always so feminine and beautiful. 


Or perhaps the fascination originates from my admiration of their view on families.  They stay so tightly knitted together throughout multiple generations.  Whatever the case, India is on “my top places to visit before I die” lists. 


When I received the new Sundance catalog in the mail today, I was blown away with the splendor of their new line of quilts made by rural Indian woman.  The description says it can take up to a week to craft each one.  They make it sound like that’s  a really long time.  Um, it would take me a year to even attempt the construction of one of these beauties. 

After oohing and ahhing over each and every one of them, I paused to consider what price they would fetch over in the remote villages they came from. 


Yet another reason to make the trip!  I’d love to personally deliver the American price to the woman responsible for creating one of them. 


I have a hunch it would support her family for a whole year or more.  For more info on these quilts, visit Sundance here.


All images courtesy Sundance.


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