Thursday, August 19, 2010

Table Talk

We just recently brought this out again for another go-around. It’s a simple concept… just a set of cards with different questions on them.


But it gets the family talking around the table and engaging in something fun together. 

Last night’s question was “what nickname would you choose for yourself?” 

Mom: “Rie” (which *is* my nickname…for Marie)

Dad: “Barnabas” (but we didn’t believe him)

Caleb: “K K” (what his little sister calls him)

Gavin: “G-force” (what Daddy calls him)

Paris: “Pea-Pie the Po-Pum”  (what we all call her)

Haley: “Haley Blossom” (what Mommy calls her)

Evelyn: “Rosaline” (because she’s all about pretty)

Charlotte: “Charlotte” (because she didn’t quite get the question)


And tonight’s question: “Who has the power to shape your ideas and beliefs?”


As you can see, the questions are sometimes silly and sometimes thought provoking.   But always engaging. 


I like how unobtrusive it looks sitting out on the counter.   We got ours from Amazon.


On another note, I wanted to let you in on a great new blog by my favorite childhood friend, Christan.  She’s the same one who gave me the Psalms of David book I posted about here.   That’s her on the left.  This picture was taken after a morning of us turning her son’s loft bed into an army tent.  We share a love of decorating!


We also share the same love for God, our husbands and children.  She encourages me so much in all three areas!   Everyone that knows Christan is encouraged by her in some way or another.  She just has the gift.  She now finds herself in a unique ministry, reaching out to wives and mothers all around the globe. 

She’s putting her gifts to wonderful use in her new blog:  Repurposed Heart.  I know you’ll be encouraged by her refreshing words of wisdom about the things that truly matter in this life. 


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