Monday, August 9, 2010


Isn't is funny how you can become friends with someone you've never laid eyes on?

That's one of the benefits of blogging...

My friend Jo at Secret Garden Cottage has bestowed upon me not one but two blog awards.

Wow, it's been a while since I got or gave one of these but anyway here goes...

First and foremost, THANKS JO!

Next I'm to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words for the BLOG WITH SUBSTANCE AWARD.

* inspiration
* real
* friendship
* fun
* awe

Now I'm to tell seven things about moi. (Versatile Blogger)

* I am 51 and proud of it.
* I am a vegan.
* I think being a grandmother is my best work so far.
* I wear rubber wellies whenever I am outside, no matter how hot as I am deathly afraid of snakes.
* The older I get the less afraid I am to tell people what I think.
* My favorite color is brown.
* I love to exercise, especially pilates.

And finally I am to pass these awards on to ten fellow bloggers who have inspired me.
Yikes only ten? Okay here goes.

1. Donna at D. Reynes

2. Anne at Fiona and Twig

3. Laura at 52 Flea

4. Lisa at Tarnished and Tattered

5. Joy at Savvy City Farmer

6. Anne Marie at Na~Da Farmlife

7. Debra at Common Ground

8. June at Laughing With Angels

9. Jodie at Everything Vintage

10. Lulu at Dusty Lu

So if any of you inspirational ladies are award free I totally understand. You still make me smile...


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