Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The First Thing You See

One thing I always try to keep in mind while decorating is the initial impression upon entering a room. 

I was enthused at the thought of our vintage inspired hook being one of the focal points of the bathroom.  The lines provide a visual interest all on their own.


But when those lines are covered up with a heap of hanging damp towels?  Not so much. 

The hook looks much happier in its new home here:


I decided that bath towels will hang on the back of the door instead.  With something like this:

towel hook

Which would still allow some of the hooks to show, since there are so many of them.


And on the wall, I played switcheroo with our enameled container.  It used to be a towel holder.


but now serves as a sweet little flower box instead.


A much improved first impression.


I’m thinking a new subdued look for fall and winter is in order, but for now we’re enjoying the summery burst of colors.


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