Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanknitty Fair (groan!)...

If you were wondering why Cherry is wearing a rather fetching green cuff...
it's because she went roller skating and had a little bit of an accident! She is midway through knitting a rather lovely beret in a sparkly yarn and being left suddenly one-handed has left her with a dillema - to knit or not to knit? French Knitting maybe the answer, her sister Lily has been very productive as you may have seen in an earlier post.
Knitting is a pleasant and mildly addictive pastime as illustrated nicely by the photo below. On Saturday we had our last Craft and Vintage Fair at the Halfpenny Home Studio. Sam popped in for a bit of a knit before heading off to a family barbeque, Josie had come for the Vintage and Craft Fair but I managed to get her to knit up some Knit Collage yarn for me. Kate had cycled over from Stowmarket for some special buttons - we made her stay for a cuppa and she got out her knitting!
It was great to meet Marion who makes all these lovely things including chilli jam (my favourite) vegetable stock, chocolate brownies, preserves and lovely toys from recycled fabrics.

Scoffin' did us proud again with these cupcakes, banoffee muffins, bakewell tarts
fruit and cheese scones
and a fantastic carrot cake that was ordered for a special somebody's birthday!
The next Vintage and Craft Fair will be at The Ark in King William Street (near the Co-op) on the 18th September. All the usual crowd will be there and we look forward to seeing you again, as well as, we hope, lots of new visitors! If you would like a stall at any of the forthcoming events, or want to find out more, then please do email or phone the shop.
We look forward to seeing you, Nic x


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