Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weddings, Country Style


I enjoyed planning our wedding.  I only wish we had more pictures.  The ceremony took place in the yard of a historic mansion, and provided the perfect backdrop for an outside wedding. 

wedding pic


The luncheon tables were set in the library of the house.  The walls were filled with books.  Each table had a little tree planted in the middle.  I thought of using moss for placemats, but my mom was worried about ants.  Details. 

This is the only sad little  picture we own of our crooked topiary centerpieces (which I loved)…


If I could have a do-over, I probably wouldn’t change all that much, except maybe go even more casual.  You know… more country, and less Renaissance.

With four girls, it’s likely one day we’ll have four weddings to plan for.  And I’m already thinking up ideas for them.  I recently came up with a really cute country-styled centerpiece idea to number the guest tables with.


Can’t you imagine picnic tables and hay bales used for seating, draped with old quilts?  Something like this…

quilted haybales
Image found here.

Or this:

Image found

And canning jars or galvanized pails for centerpiece wildflowers.  Numbered with a burlapped tag…

centerpiece 1 

These number tags can be used for so many other things, of course…




But wedding tables, to me, would be the most delightful use for them. 

centerpiece 1

You can make them yourself, or find them in my shop.  They’re my new favorite thing.


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