Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Cleaning-How to get Crayon off a Door

Fall cleaning continues over here! 

I found that my 3 year old left me some “artwork” on two of my doors.


That was his first time using crayons on the door so I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to get off.

I didn’t have time to clean it right away,  I waited at least an hour until finally getting around to it.
I got my Basic H (degreasing bottle), a couple of cleaning cloths (I had my son help me wipe it off) and my camera (because I had to show you, lol).

I was so impressed….it only took a minute or two for each door and it was all off!

Here is the other door.

  Here is the after!  

I seriously was so excited!!!!  And it was easy!

I was so motivated that I continued on and cleaned all of my doors in the house.

What did you clean today?

Are you fall cleaning?

Happy Cleaning!
Bonnie :)

To wash the crayons off my door, I used Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.



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