Wednesday, September 1, 2010

His heart doth safely trust in her.

I’ve wanted to use this verse in some creative fashion for a while now.  Sounds like it’s a line from a Jane Austin period drama, doesn’t it?  It’s actually a Proverb from the Bible.  31:11 to be exact.  I think so much can be summed up in this verse about a loving marriage.



Shellagh from the lovely blog, Ticking and Toile, posted a tutorial a bit ago about using transfers.  Citrasolv is one of the tools she uses for her line of items in her beautiful Etsy shop

So I went about trying to find this mysterious Citrasolv cleaner that I’ve never even heard of before.  Frankly, it all seemed too good to be true, and I had to find out for myself!  I ended up finding it at an art supply store of all places. 

I bought a transfer off of Etsy and got to work.  Sorry these aren't the best photos.

I added the verse via Adobe Illustrator and put our anniversary date at the top.


The linen took to the transfer method beautifully.  I was shocked!  It was like magic.  It was my first time, so all is not perfect.  It sort of looks like it's been through a hundred washings. 


But I think I like the finished look, and it adds a bit of a romantic touch to our home... I'm thinking bedroom.  Thanks Shellagh for the inspiration!


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