Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting for the leaves to fall

It’s quite a task to prepare for Autumn in 90 degree weather.  So while I’m waiting for the leaves to fall, these inspired ideas help hold me over…

falldisplay1image courtesy

I love the mixture of colors and layered textures in this votive jar.  If only it was hanging from a jute ribbon, it might even be better. 

falldisplay2image courtesy

I absolutely adore this idea of a baby tree in a burlap sack.  Could it get any sweeter?  I wouldn’t change a thing. 

falldisplay3image courtesy here

A pumpkin vase.  Now why hadn’t I ever thought of it?  Am I the only one?

falldisplay4image courtesy here

And you know cooking’s not my thing, but how could I resist baking itty bitty acorn cakes?  I could not. 

falldisplay5image courtesy here

This is a great idea for a little snack buffet… using a  family of gourds as serving bowls.   Wouldn’t it be even cuter to fill them with different nuts? 

falldisplay8image courtesy here

And last but not least is my favorite of all… a simple display of pale pumpkins with brown thistles and pinecones.  The subdued always seems to win out with me.  (if you haven’t noticed;)


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