Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crafting under Big Skies

It has been a busy year and though I've not travelled far I did manage a few days in one of my favourite spots, North Norfolk. This picture just sums up why I love it so much - the beautiful beaches and big skies!

I'm a member of the National Trust and Norfolk is home to quite a few NT properties including Felbrigg. Known as the bountiful estate it was lovely to look around it's walled gardens which provide produce for the NT restaurant. It also provides allotments for local people, which I think is a lovely way of giving something back. Beyond the walled garden there is an orchard, and tucked into a corner are these lovely beehives, though I didn't get too close.
Roaming around the orchard were a group of chickens - this one's for Nic. They were having a lovely time....

Within the walled garden was a pond with these lovely water lilies. So pretty.
A very breezy day on the beach was a sign of things to come.....

I'd come prepared for wet weather having seen the weather forecast before I left! I sneaked in some craft supplies. Hubby did question why I needed to take a rolling pin and a large range of metal pastry cutter shapes with me on holiday. But I had a plan! I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out a new project and here are the results!

It's a very simple process using air hardening clay and I must say I had a lovely time cutting out shapes and using buttons and other embellishments to decorate my tags and Christmas tree decorations. The idea came from a book called The Homemade Home. It has some lovely ideas in it and this one really appealed.

I hope you like them! There are so many uses for these that I am already planning to make some more!
I know it's not Easter but I loved the little bunny shape cutter.

I really enjoyed my time crafting under the big skies of North Norfolk. Perfect inspiration!



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