Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crafty Helen@Home's Halloween/Autumn Swap

Who are this gruesome foursome? Only some fab monster tea lights sent over from dosierosie as part of Crafty Helen's Halloween/Autumn Blog Swap!
It's the first blog swap we've taken part in and it's really been a lot of fun!
There are these ghost moulds which we are so tempted to use for candles or soap rather than ice...!

And then this lovely bag promising tricks or treats...note the lace trimmed tag - lovely!

Luckily for me it was crammed full of sweets - hurrah!

Then following closely after them was this felty fellow who was lurking amongst the tissue paper...!

But the best treat of all was this beautiful purse, embellished with star shaped sequins and such a gorgeous colour - lovely felting!

How lucky were we? What a lovely idea Helen, thank you Dosie Rosie for being an ace swap partner and I hope that you both have a great Halloween! Nic x


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