Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do you Know Amaretto Vineyard?

Do you Know Amaretto Vineyard?

Jessica is a wife and mother to a beautiful girl.  She is a crafter, cook, bargain-hunter and loves anything thrifty!
Recently she purchased some Get Clean products from me and she wanted to share her experience with us and she included her before and after pictures!
I hate to clean. I do it every now and then because if I did not, well, my house would soon look like this:
DISCLAIMER: This is SO not my house!  Source
But cleaning is still probably my least favorite thing to do.  Well, second-least, falling shortly behind exercise.  Especially now, considering that we moved (whilst Mr. Amaretto was in the hospital nonetheless!) and my entire house looks like this:
Disclaimer: This IS my house; or my garage at least... sigh...
But I've seen the various bloggers out there touting the wonders of Shaklee Get Clean products lately, and it piqued my interest.  The first few posts I saw, I chalked up to the whole infomercial concept.  I actually started ignoring anything I saw related to Shaklee, figuring it was just another late-night gimmick trying to reel me in.
But one morning, I guess my 'scam resistor' was weak, and I stopped to read this post at
House of Grace, showing photo-proof of the amazing Shaklee clean-up from Veronica of Life in the Thrifty Lane.
I couldn't resist.  I immediately ordered a bottle of
Basic H2 and a tub of Scour Off paste.  While I waited for my purchase to arrive, I headed to the Dollar Tree to grab three spray bottles and some microfiber cloths, hoping that the magic unpacking fairies would have my new home in tip-top shape before the shipment arrived. 
Those blasted fairies must be on strike, because they haven't shown up yet.
So, I will post a full-on before and after cleaning story at some point in the future.  But for now I found two spots (that I could see behind all the unpacking clutter!) that could use a quick clean-up.
Spot 1:
Little Miss Amaretto's seat at our (glass-topped) kitchen table.  This spot is normally a pretty sticky one; does it make me a horrible mommy that I usually only deep-clean it when we have company coming???  Any-who, this before picture shows the aftermath of a few days' worth of Mac & Cheese dinners (which are surprisingly difficult to prepare when all 3 of your colanders are still lost in cardboard boxes somewhere.  Three!  Who has three colanders, and who can't find a single one of them!?!  I refuse to purchase another...)
A few spritzes of Glass Cleaning mix (which, by the way, only took 2 DROPS of the ultra-concentrated solution to make 16 oz of spray cleaner - VERY economical!) and here are the amazing results:
I KNOW!!!  Can you believe that's the same table?  I am not talking heavy elbow grease or special tools or techniques.  This was a few spritzes of spray and a few wipes with a paper towel.  I did go back a second time (with the added benefit of my fingernail behind the towel) to get a few of the stickier spots of Mac & Cheese up, but that's it!  In seconds my table (or the quarter of it that it currently unblemished by the never-ending unpacking process!) was transformed from dull and blah to sparkle and wow!  I want to make that "DING" sound that the Mr. Clean commercials always use every time I look at these results!
Spot 2:
My stainless-steel sink is uber-grimy looking, mainly because it has a never-ending drip that leaves splatters all over.  We intend to fix the drip this weekend, and in the meantime I wanted to see if I could shine it up a bit with my bottle of All-Purpose Cleaning mix (just 1/4 tsp of the ultra-concentrated solution for an entire spray bottle - still super-thrifty... I made up both spritz bottles and you can't even tell there's anything missing from my original bottle of concentrate).
Here is the before; note the grimy ring on the counter top next to the sink and the uglies left behind by my bottle of dish soap.  Dull and quite grimy:
Here I spritzed on the all-purpose cleaner and went to town with my paper towels.  It looked much better but there was still a bit of residue from the dish soap rings that I couldn't quite scrub off.  A quick swipe with my Magic Eraser and VOILA!
(DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for temporary or permanent blindness caused by viewing the next photograph without sunglasses; you have been warned)
HOLY RUSTED METAL, BATMAN!!!  Have you ever seen something so shiny in your life?  I am in awe.  Two days later, the shine is still there (I haven't returned the dish soap bottle to its spot yet, I am too excited by my spot of shiny wonder).  Again, I just want to make that "DING" sound of sparkle whenever I walk by this beautiful spot on my sink (and by spot, I mean just that... this little section you see pictured is all that I could get to at the time I was cleaning; the rest of the sink is still messy and covered in drip-splats!).
Doesn’t her house look clean?
Thank you Jessica for writing this!
I am glad that you LOVE Get Clean products as much as I do.
Please visit her blog and tell her how great her table and sink looks!  She is new to blogging so please stop by and say, “Hi”.
If you love Shaklee and want to be featured please let me know.
(I did not ask Jessica to write this or compensate her in anyway.  She is a satisfied customer!)
If you also want to get clean with safe, natural products that actually work and save you money,
then please visit my online Shaklee site today.
Email me for more ways to save at

Have a great Sunday!
Bonnie :)


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