Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do you know Life in the Thrifty Lane?

Veronica has  2 very energetic kids, a 5 years old girl and a 22 months old boy.  She enjoys crafting, couponing and  redecorating her new home.
She purchased some Get Clean products from me and she wanted to share her experience along with her under cabinet makeover. 
This some of her post…(to read the whole post, click HERE.)
And here is a photo of how it looks like with everything in his place
I keep my Shaklee products here. I recently discover this amazing brand reading House of Grace (I love this blog!) . After reading Bonnie's posts on how great the products are and also seeing all the pictures of the "before and after" I decide to give it a try and place an order. I got the Basic H which is a organic super cleaning concentrate that can be used to clean everything! I got some spray bottles at the dollar store, add water and a little of the Basic H and I made my self a all-purpose cleaner, a degreasing and a window cleaner!! And when I say "a little" I really mean it!! For a 16oz. of all-purpose cleaner you just have to add 1/4 tsp. of Basic H!!!! Amazing on how much money you can save.
I also got the Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. I love this one!! I use it for everything! And now I can clean the oven without using those strong smelly products! Yestarday I cleaned the kids bathroom sink that was in this condition
and after 2 minutes it was like this

clean and shiny!

Here are the before pics of the oven

and after

Doesn’t her house look clean?
Thank you Veronica for writing this!
I am glad that you LOVE Get Clean products as much as I do.
Please visit her blog and tell her how great her stove looks!
If you love Shaklee and want to be featured please let me know.
(I did not ask Veronica to write this or compensate her in anyway.  She is a satisfied customer!)
If you also want to get clean with safe, natural products that actually work and save you money,
then please visit my online Shaklee site today.
Email me for more ways to save at

Please have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


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