Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get the pots out, it's dyeing time at Halfpenny Home!

This week we thought that we would try a something new and dye with brazilwood, we were not soak the brazil wood (tied up in a little stockinette bag) overnight in water and then simmer it for an hour.
When we added the mordanted items it went this berry red!
The colour result is affected by the acidity of the dyebath and to make it more purple than red we added some soda ash.
Look at this washing line of loveliness, all natural dyes!
Did a bit of dip - dyeing

And finally, you've all seen Barney, Jacqui's dog so here's my dog Bob - a miniature pinscher. He gets jealous when we have evening meetings and once ate the ends of all my knitting needles, I still love him though!
Have a good weekend, Nic x


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