Monday, October 11, 2010


When the term "A Game" was coined they were surely talking about the over~the~top displays at Marburger Farms. It just doesn't get any better folks...

I have always said that I am never more inspired than when in the presence of all this talent. It makes me step up my game for sure...

Here is a sampling of some of the all~stars of Marburger.

MAGNOLIA PEARL. If the creativity of Robin and John gets any better, I don't know how we will stand it...

Huge paper flowers and wire dress forms hand~made and embellished with pieces and parts. I know you've seen these all over bloglandia but I had to include them here.

JUDY AND BILLY HILL. Judy made clothing for one of her mannequins out of book pages and brought a boat as a center piece. Her bedding was beautiful as always.

TERRI is just across from Judy in Tent A and had the most beautiful chandy and baby bed.

This booth caught my eye but sadly I was remiss in getting her name. Her attention to detail missed no element of display.

LAURIE OF CHIPPYS just gets better and better... Her look reminds me of one of my fav movies Out Of Africa with the mix of browns and creams and a dash of gauzy softness contrasting with the leather and rustic burlap. Her pillows literally sprouted wings and flew out of her booth.

TIME WORN INTERIORS. Craig and TOT have an amazing mix of industrial pieces. Their booth was as empty as ours by shows end.


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