Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nesting Instincts

My nesting instincts have always been quite strong. Even as far back as my teenage years, I can remember devouring the pages of Colonial Home and Victoria magazines. And let me just say that I had the biggest crush on Steve Thomas from This Old House.

Many years later and seven months pregnant, my nesting instincts are as strong as ever. Not only do they motivate me to create a lovely nursery for our little ones, but they propel me to organize the house from top to bottom!

In fact, my Mom's visit this past week was centered around feathering our nest (with tasks organized on paper in my favorite form - a 'to do' list).

The list included tasks such as organizing our coat closet...

...Trading summer coats for fall and winter, and filling baskets with scarves and mittens.

We also mopped the kitchen floor, ran a few errands, and of course, worked on finishing up the last details of the nursery.

Here's my Mom working on one of our nursery projects. Together, we accomplished so much! Now just waiting for a few little things to arrive in the mail.

Another one of our tasks was to gather the rest of the pumpkins from the garden before the first frost. We put a few on the mantle and stored the rest.

This is where we got our pumpkins last year.


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