Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Letters

Sometimes we’ll ask our children what their favorite memory has been in their little lives, thus far.  One time our son responded by saying his favorite memory was a simple letter I had written him the week before. 


Obviously it was still fresh on his mind, otherwise I’m sure he would have chosen something a bit more, well, memorable!  Likely he would not even remember that specific letter now.  But it drove home the fact that this small gesture matters a great deal to my children. 


So,  I keep writing letters.  And sometimes I’ll get a sweet letter in return, which makes it all the more worthwhile.

The letter doesn’t have to be reserved for when they are doing everything perfectly or when they’ve accomplished something great.  How often could we, as parents, use a pat on the back when life seems to be crumbling around us?  Our children are no different, except maybe more impressionable. 


Is there someone in your house who could use an encouraging word?  You might just make a favorite memory this week in the life of a child.  :)


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