Sunday, October 3, 2010

Six Years

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this weekend. I think it's been our favorite anniversary so far. We didn't go on a special getaway or even out for a nice dinner. We were home the entire day working on the nursery and it felt wonderful.

Our vision for the nursery has evolved over the last several months. This has been due to our budget and the decorating resources that are available. And as all of our house projects go, we've been following our instincts along the way.

But I'm so thrilled to say that Hubby has finished the painting, the wood floors have been mopped, and today the antique French armoire was moved in. Everything else will hopefully come together very soon!

A lot of the final details are now dependent on the postal system. This is because I've tried to avoid the arduous task of driving into the city and have ordered several things online. Not too long ago, a trip into the big city was something to look forward to. But at seven months pregnant, my feet begin to swell and my back begins to ache just thinking about it!

Happy October wishes to you. xo


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