Thursday, November 18, 2010

35 Weeks

Today was a very special day for us as I am now 35 weeks pregnant (although my belly measures 45 weeks)! With twins, there is a higher risk of premature labor so this milestone comes as a wonderful relief. After 35 weeks, we are also able to deliver in our hometown as opposed to having to go to a hospital in Portland.

Our official due date is December 23rd. However, this is a due date for a singleton pregnancy, twins typically come several weeks earlier. For us, this means that we're expecting in the next couple of weeks!

Here's the last 8 months of my growing belly!

After eight months of pregnancy, I am still reveling in the beautiful reality of being pregnant. We cannot wait to meet our sweet little babies.

Also, the nursery is finally done! All I have to do now is take pictures!


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