Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Cleaning your Yard

Are you still fall cleaning?
Did you think that I forgot about this, lol!
Like I said before, I am pretty much done.  I only have a couple more things to do.  I have been really busy with other stuff lately.
This week, when it was nice outside, I took care of some outside work.
I started to trim around the flower beds and rocks by hand.  I am afraid of the weed wacker, lol.
2010 11 08_0604 
I even took out my edger and edged along our sidewalk and driveway.
2010 11 08_0605 
I started to turn the mulch around.  It looked new again!  Yeah!
2010 11 08_0606 
We cut the lawn for hopefully the last time of the year.
2010 11 08_0607 
I also pulled weeds from our walkway.  Yes, I know, I still need to add more sand, lol.
2010 11 08_0608 
I weeded our patio too.  It was getting really bad…opps!
2010 11 08_0609
I sill need to pressure wash our siding.  I will have great before and afters to show when I am done.  It looks like we put up spider webs for Halloween, hee hee!  Yes, I use Basic H in my pressure washer and it is amazing!
Are you done with your fall cleaning?
What are you doing this weekend?  Anything fun?
What have you been
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


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