Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Our Tree

Are you ready to get back on schedule?
I’m not…ha ha! 
I have been really enjoying this little break and having my husband home.
I told you here that we were going to put our tree up on Saturday.  We started putting it together when my husband decided that he wanted a real tree.  We never had a real tree before and we all got excited, took down the tree and left right away and drove to a local farm to find our perfect tree! :)
The kids were soooo excited!
2010 11 27_0845 
They seriously had a blast!!!
2010 11 27_0847 
Finding a tree was way harder than I imagined but we I finally found it.
2010 11 27_0852 
They all loved the wagon!
2010 11 27_0861   Here is our tree!!!! 
2010 11 27_0865 
Here is Scott pulling our tree in with Grace chasing behind.
2010 11 27_0868 
Getting ready for the tracker ride!
2010 11 27_0871 2010 11 27_0872 
She was sooo happy!
2010 11 27_0874 
They loved the wagon ride.
2010 11 27_0880
The farm was beautiful!
2010 11 27_0889 2010 11 27_0891 2010 11 27_0893 2010 11 27_0895 
After that, we walked around the cute shop.
2010 11 27_0900
Cute place, huh?
  2010 11 27_0902 
We ate homemade doughnuts, spiced apple cider and hot chocolate…..Yummmmy!
2010 11 27_0923 
Now the kids are really excited for Christmas!
2010 11 27_0928 
We have to finish the tree first.
2010 11 27_0931
We started the lights today but our old lights only made in up half the tree.  (Our new one is 8 1/2 feet.) So I had to go out and find new ones today and every store seemed to be out of the ones that I wanted…URGH!  I finally found some at ACE.  Anyway, be the time we finished that ordeal we had to eat dinner, finish the lights and bed, so I will add the ornaments tomorrow after school.
I will show you after that.  Grace is unbelievably excited to help me this year which makes to even more fun for me!
How was your weekend?
Do you get real trees?
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


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