Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hats Off!

Finally - the hat which will be featuring in my Autumn/Winter collection. Along with my really long scarf and my big mittens it will keep me warm when I'm riding my bike!
I love the Knit Collage yarn that we have at HH and have been eager to get on with fashioning myself a hat in it. Just choosing the colour was hard enough as they are all so yummy...

I decided to go for Raspberry Sunset as it goes perfectly with this Fandango yarn from Colinette. I finished it this morning just in time for my trip down to the allotment to let out the chickens - before that I managed (with difficulty) to get a couple of pics. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! The Fandango covers my ears and is really soft and snuggly, the Knit Collage is so chunky that it's made a lovely warm hat.

With the help of my lovely mum I have finished my jacket/cardigan/wrap thing that has been on the go since last Summer.
It's knitted in chunky Tweedy by Sirdar and was supposed to be finished in time for last Winter. I had nearly finished but when I did the sleeves I didn't like them so it's been folded up and sat on a stool next to my sewing machine all this time. I couldn't face starting the sleeves again so when mum said she fancied doing a bit of knitting I had it all ready for her!

She knitted them up in a flash and I couldn't wait to sew it all together and show it off! It has these long sides that waterfall down like this...

I'll have to get a snap of Floss wearing it so you can see it in all it's glory!
Now I can get back to making Christmas presents, Nic x


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