Monday, November 22, 2010

How I Organize My Fall Decor

I hope that you all had a great weekend!  I had a very productive and relaxing one…if that makes any sense at all, lol!
I mean, I got a lot done so that makes me feel relaxed!  Does that happen to you?
My husband was out of town so I just did those a lot of those “little things” on the checklist.  The kind of stuff that no one notices but me.  So anyway, now I feel GREAT!  I even had time to catch up on my chick flicks (I watched 4, lol) and had a girls night.
One of the things that I did was take down most of my fall decor.
When, I first posted about my fall decor here, some of you asked how I store my decor.
So I thought I would show you how I keep it all organized.
I put all the smaller stuff in clear bins.
2010 11 22_0649
Labeled of course!
 2010 11 22_0650
I also get rid of/donate all the stuff that I didn’t use that year.  I don’t need to keep it all.
2010 11 22_0648
As for the bigger items, I put them on a shelf on our basement.  I have several shelves just for my home and holiday decor.
I can’t wait to bring out my Christmas decor!!!!
I got so many new items from the spring and summer garage sales that I don’t even remember what I have.  So, that will be like an early Christmas for me just to see it all again, lol!  I will totally show you how I organize those too because I have way to much stuff, hee hee!
Right now I only have a couple of the bigger fall items out.  I deep cleaned the house…again, lol…and this weekend, the tree comes out!  We are not having Thanksgiving at my house so I am not to worried about the décor this week.
But, I was wondering what decorations do you have up on Thanksgiving, fall or Christmas?
Have a great week!


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