Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Started Christmas Decorating

I couldn’t wait until this weekend, I had to start today, lol!
Matthew was taking a nap and Michael was at on a playdate so Grace and I started to bring up our Christmas stuff.
We were able to bring up everything except our tree.
I put it all in our living room so I can go through things and not have stuff all over the house.
2010 11 23_0655 
I told you that I would show you my stuff, so here it is!
2010 11 23_0657 
Here is our new Nativity Set.
2010 11 23_0658 
This is a picture had I have.  I wonder will I will put it.  I usually put it over my family couch but I now I have 2 mirrors there.
2010 11 23_0659 
I love this candle holder.
2010 11 23_0660 
Here are some trees and wreaths.
2010 11 23_0661 
I LOVE this cute tree!
2010 11 23_0662
Here are some Red Twig Dogwood braches from my mom’s plant.  I spray painted the white one last year. 
(Did you know that you Trader Joe’s sells a small handful of them for $5.99?  That’s crazy…just go outside!)
2010 11 23_0673 
Here are some of my red things.
2010 11 23_0663 In this bin, I keep most of my Christmas dishes.
2010 11 23_0664 
Here I have some pinecones, bells and other stuff.
2010 11 23_0665 
In here, I have lots of sparkly starts!
2010 11 23_0666 
Lots of garland.
2010 11 23_0667 
Berry garland.
2010 11 23_0668 
More wreaths.
2010 11 23_0669 
In here is our angel and lots of other stuff that I bought 1/2 off at Wal-Mart, last year, after Christmas.
2010 11 23_0670 
This just looks like some misc. stuff…another Nativity set and different ornaments. 
2010 11 23_0671 
Here is another misc. bin.  It looks like lights, movies, Santas, stockings and more.
2010 11 23_0672 
So, there you go!  That all my Christmas décor.
I have a mixture of styles/collections so this year will be a little challenging for me.  I might need to part with some of it.
I always look at Pottery Barn for my decorating inspiration but I am really stuck.
They have “different collections” for Christmas decorating and I can’t decide what I like best!  They are all sooooo awesome!
I guess my favorite is the Family Giving Collection.
I would LOVE to have any of them really!!!!
imageimage image image image image
What is your Christmas style?
Do you mix collections?
Bonnie :)


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