Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here's hoping that your Thanksgiving was a time of gratitude and family togetherness. The leftover's are dwindling here and we have begun with the adornment of white lights (natch) and grapevine deer grazing in our front garden.

I had intended to have the trees up today, but a weird injury has sidelined me... Don't ask me how, but on Friday I was lying on my stomach on the floor with my granddaughter while coloring and I twisted to the left to reach for something when I felt and heard a "pop" along my left rib cage. I'm positive it's soft tissue and a sprain but all the same it hurts like hell and has gotten worse over the last two days. So hauling trees around and getting tubs of ornaments down is on hold.

In the meantime, I want to share a redo of the guest room with you that was inspired by a cute little dresser that was given to me by my mom. It belonged to my great~grandma and has been living in Indiana with a family friend who bought it at the sale they had years back. Mom decided she wanted me to have it and bought it back from her friend and they were nice enough to bring it to me on their last visit. It was stained brown so of course it needed a facelift, but the glass knobs are original.

The room is in reverse of it's previous arrangement and this set up makes it look much larger and works so much better. Isn't it funny how you just know when you finally get it right?

The first pic is of course the dresser. Please enjoy the tour and I'll be back soon with Christmas decor pics...


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