Sunday, December 12, 2010

How I Decorate with Nature

2010 12 08_1340
I have told you all about my obsession with white, silver and glitter this year but I also love good, old fashioned nature!
I love using natural materials mixed with silver, glass, etc.
Here I used different kinds of sticks in a silver vase (that I spray painted silver a while ago) and I threw in a turkey feather that my husband found in the woods.  Next to that, I just placed some pinecones in a glass vase.  That’s all FREE and great all winter long.  I was able to use silver, glass and nature altogether and I love it.  I really like mixing!  You can group together all of your favorites things…you cannot go wrong with items you LOVE!
2010 12 08_1339 
Here I used pinecones in a glass vase again.  I just love doing that!
2010 12 08_1362
I also LOVE acorns in glass.  (These are the same acorns from my fall tablescape.)
2010 12 08_1371
I also used cinnamon sticks (from my fall tablescape) and placed them in another glass vase.
2010 12 08_1372
Here is a cinnamon broom that my husband surprised my with from Trader Joes.  This thing smells AWESOME!
2010 12 08_1383
Here I added some acorns and a couple branches from our tree to a candle holder.
2010 12 09_1285
I like the nature look!
2010 12 09_1287
More pinecones!
2010 12 09_1288
Can you guess what is next…pinecones in a glass vase, lol!
2010 12 09_1291
I added that to the bathroom.  It is simple and nice looking!  And…EASY and FREE!!!!
2010 12 09_1292
LOL, here are some more!  This is seriously the easiest thing EVER!
2010 12 09_1295
Last thing,  I added a real wreath to our front door.  I did not buy this, again, my husband surprised my with it from Trader Joes. 
2010 12 10_1425

So that is how I decorated with nature.  I love mixing things I LOVE.
Do you decorate with nature?
What you do decorate with?
Have a great week!
Bonnie :)


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