Friday, December 10, 2010

How I Use What I Have

2010 12 10_1421
This year, I decided NOT to buy any new Christmas decorations…not even from the Goodwill or Dollar Store!
I bought a lot over the summer from garage sales so I didn’t want to spend ANY MORE MONEY!
So, I went “shopping” in my basement.
I found these Pottery Barn candlesticks that I bought from a garage sale this year.  I wanted to paint them black but I had a new idea instead.
2010 12 07_1414
I also found my old, gold ornaments.
2010 12 07_1416
I found this can of spray paint in my garage and got to work.
2010 12 07_1415
Am I  craziest person in the world?  I was spray painting in 20 degree weather. 
2010 12 07_1418
The candlesticks turned out great!
2010 12 08_1360
They were exactly how I imagined.
2010 12 08_1378
I will show you the whole tablescape soon!
2010 12 08_1379
I also loved how the ornaments turned out.
2010 12 10_1421
I wanted to fill a glass bowl for a centerpiece!
2010 12 10_1422
Can’t beat this!
How did you use what you have this year?
Have a great weekend!
Bonnie :)


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