Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Clean your Carpet Naturally

I have been wanting to shampoo my carpet since this post about my fall cleaning.

Well, with the pressure from Christmas entertaining, I finally did it, lol.

It was getting BAD!  Opps!

Here is a before picture. 

2010 12 14_1427

Here is the after picture.

2010 12 14_1442


2010 12 14_1430

After.  I know the sunlight is in the way but trust me, it looks way better now!

2010 12 14_1448



2010 12 14_1431

After.  WOW!

2010 12 14_1443

Before.  This was under our recliner chair.  It was like a black grease.

2010 12 14_1432  

After.  I wasn’t sure that all that would come off.  It was really, really bad, but it DID!!! :)

2010 12 14_1437 

How I clean the carpet:

Take everything out of the room.  I left a couple of things in but all the little things came out.

Vacuum with a clean vacuum.  Make sure to empty the canister or bag to get the best suction.

Fill up my carpet cleaner machine with natural cleaners. I use Shaklee’s Organic Basic H, Basic G and Nature Bright.  They are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about what chemicals are on the carpet that your kids play on all day.  Did you know that carpet cleaners are some of the fumes to inhale?  I use Organic Basic H to wash the carpet  (about 1 T per gallon), Basic G to disinfect the carpet (about 1 T per gallon) and Nature Bright to bright dull carpet if needed (several scoops depending on your carpet – if you use this make sure to rinse well and vacuum after dry).

2010 12 14_1433 2010 12 14_1434

(picture from back of Nature Bright)

Let the carpet dry. I don’t let anyone go in the room for several hours but it is usually dry after a hour.

Dust all furniture and put back.  Remember do not put back any clutter.  This might be a good time to simplify!  Only put back the essentials!

Enjoy your fresh, clean carpet!

How often do you clean your carpet?

Is there a project that you have been putting off but are motivated by Christmas company coming?

Have a great week!


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