Sunday, December 5, 2010

It’s a White & Sparkling Christmas

2010 11 30_1265
This year (and last year) we decorated our tree with white, silver and sparkly ornaments!
2010 11 30_1224
I am really happy how it turned out! :)
2010 11 30_1254
We did get a real tree this year but I saved a lot of money on our ornaments.
2010 11 30_1231 
I bought MOST of them from garage sales like this Pottery Barn star.
2010 11 30_1232 
I also bought a lot of them on clearance from Wal-Mart last year for 50 cents each like this one.
2010 11 30_1233 
Others I bought as souvenirs from a family vacation a couple of years ago.
2010 11 30_1234 
I am really loving the sparkly ones!!!
2010 11 30_1235 
I tried to squeeze ornaments inside the tree so there are ornaments EVERYWHERE!
2010 11 30_1237 
I seriously tried to put an ornament on almost every branch.
2010 11 30_1238 
The more, the better!  (for me anyway)
2010 11 30_1239 
I took some pictures of some of my favorites. 
2010 11 30_1240 
I know… I take a lot, heehee!
2010 11 30_1241 
I love the words!
2010 11 30_1242 
Gracie really likes this one.
2010 11 30_1243 
The kids seriously had a BLAST helping me decorate it!!!
2010 11 30_1244 
They each have there own special ones too!
2010 11 30_1245   2010 11 30_12602010 11 30_1259
Here are some pictures at night.
2010 11 29_1004 2010 11 29_1016 2010 11 29_1020 2010 11 29_1022 2010 11 29_10232010 11 29_1026 2010 11 29_1027 2010 11 29_1033 2010 11 29_1034 2010 11 29_1047 2010 11 29_1049
So that is our tree this year.  I actually took a billion more pictures.  Taking pictures were part of the fun but I didn’t want to bore you with anymore pics, lol!
This tree is totally my favorite tree yet!
Yes, I like the real tree!
Yes,  I like the ornaments!
But, I LOVED doing this as a family and making memories!
This is the first year where the kids REALLY enjoyed helping me.  They were so helpful and sweet the whole time.  No fighting or time outs…just singing Christmas music, talking, helping and having fun…ok… and dancing around like crazy, Christmas dancing fools, lol!
Ok, the baby has had to go to a timeout and couple of times since decorating it because he loves to take the ornaments off, lol!
I can’t blame him…it’s just so fun for him.  Actually, he has been good!  He is doing better than I thought, surprisingly.  When Michael was younger we could really only decorate the top of the tree, lol!  He was totally a “Michael”.  (If you have a Michael, you know what I mean. :)  I was warned about naming him that, lol)
Anyway, what color theme is your tree?
What is your family tradition?
I LOVE all trees!!!  If I could, I would love to have a different themed tree in each room of the house but for now I will enjoy reading all your posts linked up to Sarah’s Christmas Tree Party!
I also want to thank you for your sweet comments for my last post.  We seriously had a blast.  It was just one of those perfect days that I will always remember!
Have a great week!


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