Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Plan: Five-a-Month

A friend of mine has a monthly goal section on her blog. She sets her goals and then reports back as things get done, or don't get done. I like that idea. But she has multiple sections and multiple goals under each section, and is vastly more organized about it than I intend to be (I think she's awesome to do it... I just know myself, and I can do organization in small portions. Too much, and I throw it all out.).

So here's the plan:
  • Every month, I will start out the month by posting a list of five goals for that month.
  • I will try to be specific, or make them measurable in some way.
  • At the end of the month, I will report back about how & if I met those five goals.
If you'd like to join me, I welcome that.

By the way, have I shared with you all the beautiful view we have from our balcony? We live on the 12th floor, and very occasionally, we get a morning like this one a few months ago:
Tonight, we saw some great fireworks shows, and didn't pay a nickle! :)

So, anyway, back to the matter at hand, for January 2011, here are my Five-a-Month goals:
  1. I will read or listen to Scripture every day.
  2. I will visit two neighbors and get back in the groove of speaking Turkish more frequently.
  3. I will read one book about pattern making/clothing design (something I've been wanting to learn about, but haven't made time to read the books yet...).
  4. I will continue faithfully doing the "No S Diet".
  5. I will take the kids to at least one cultural/arts activity (I'm currently trying to decide between an art exhibit and a classical music concert...) during this month.
I'm going to write these out and clip them to my mirror. If you think this sort of system would be helpful for you, please join me. If not, no pressure! For those bloggers who will participate, here's a way to link up to your post and we can all be in this together. (If you don't blog, but still want to participate, feel free to leave your goals in the comments and then report back with me at the end of the month.)

Blessings to you, and Happy New Year 2011! :)


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