Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Simple and Fun Craft for Kids

2011 01 12_2040

One of the things that I LOVE about the winter months besides cleaning and organizing is the time I get to spend with my kids!  During the summer, I feel like we are always running around, bike riding, etc, (which is awesome and I love that) but I love this time of year when we are forced to be inside and we can really spend quality time together.

We have been making LOTS and LOTS of arts and crafts lately and I thought it would be fun to have the kids make their own “ART” shirts that they made themselves! :)  They can wear their special “art shirt” when making crafts.  Also, I don’t have to worry about the constant laundry from getting their clothes so messy, lol!

We used some non-toxic fabric paint.


2011 01 11_2008

And a couple of my husband’s old undershirts.  (Great way to recycle old shirts!)

2011 01 11_2023

We set up at the counter.  I put a book inside the shirt to make it easier to paint on.

2011 01 11_2024

Then, I just let the kids get to work! :)

2011 01 11_2027

Of course, she wrote her name in purple, lol!

2011 01 11_2028

I can’t forget, we always love to play kid music while working!  It just makes it more fun!!!!

2011 01 11_2029

She is really concentrating here!

2011 01 11_2031

Then, she just wanted to use her fingers, lol!

2011 01 11_2032

My son really enjoyed this too but he wanted me to do most of his.

2011 01 11_2033

We filled his shirt up with the things that he loves… numbers, letters, shapes and things that go!

2011 01 11_2034

Here is my daughter’s shirt.  (sorry about being blurry)  It is filled with pink, purple, hearts and flowers. 

2011 01 11_2035

They loved this and it kept us all busy for a while.  I love having planned activates like this for the kids.  It makes so all so happy and then there is way less getting bored and fighting, lol!

2011 01 12_2040

What have you been doing with your kids during these inside months?

What activities does your family love doing together?

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