Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Simple January Vignette

2011 01 24_2127

It felt so good to put all my Christmas decor away!  I LOVE Christmas decorating but after the new year when it is all put away, my house just feels so clean, simple and fresh!   LOVE that!!! :)

I kept my house totally “undecorated” meaning I didn’t put anything back that I took away for my Christmas stuff.  (except for the bigger stuff).

It took me a couple of days to get used to it but I LOVED having less stuff around! 

But this week I was itching to bring a couple of new, fresh items out!

2011 01 24_2126

So I decorated my favorite little table in my house.

2011 01 24_2128

This is one of the first things that you can see when you enter my house.  I love this little table and bought it a couple years ago from a garage sale for only $30! Boo-Yah!!!

2011 01 24_2129

I knew I wanted to use this frame that I bought from a garage sale over the summer. 

2011 01 24_2130

So on Saturday, I took pictures of my little kiddos to fit the frame.

2011 01 24_2131

I wanted to take new 2011 pictures that would be neutral and match my house.

 2011 01 24_2132

So I used my house as the background…I knew that would match, lol!

2011 01 24_2133

Then I added a couple of other light  accessories.

2011 01 24_2134

I wanted a simple and fresh look! :)

2011 01 24_2135

And I just had to add a little pot of flowers.

2011 01 24_2136

I LOVE flowers…even though these are fake.  Shhh, lol! :)

2011 01 24_2141

I am really happy how my little vignette turned out!

2011 01 24_2139

Simple. Clean. Fresh. Light.

2011 01 24_21372011 01 24_2138

What kind of decorating did you do after you put all the Christmas decor away?

Did you cut back?

Did you change it up at all?

Have a great day! :)


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