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Another Shaklee Review plus How to Clean your Car Interiors

Good Morning!!!  I know I keep telling you that I am going to post about the last part to my series and I will…but…I had to share this review with you from Lori from Lori…Lovin’ Life!
She is a 30 something wife and mom.  She has been married to her handy hubby Andy for 10 years now. They have an amazing 5 year old son named Andrew James, but they call him A.J. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor at a residential home for juvenile delinquent girls, which she really enjoys. They live in Louisiana, and she is  a typical southern girl who loves shopping and decorating her home or anything else that can be decorated!  She blogs about her life with her boys and her decorating adventures!  Go check her out and follow this girl!


This is what she wrote….

Shaklee Cleaning Products

If you have not heard of Shaklee, you need to drop what you are doing and look it up now.  In fact, go on over to House of Grace and read Bonnie’s blog.  She is a Shaklee distributor and is quite possibly the cleanest and most organized person ever. 

I have been hearing about Shaklee for a while now all over blogland.  And a while back from Oprah.  Y’all know how I love to clean and organize, so of course I had to try it out!!

I ordered some of the products from Bonnie early in December when she was offering a free membership with a purchase of a certain amount.  (If you are a member, you get discounted prices). 

They offer some great Starter Kits, but I decided to just pick and choose the items that I thought would work best for me.

The Basic H cleaner is concentrated, so you just add a tiny bit to a bottle of water and you’re set. 


I made these 3 bottles…


…using only 2 teaspoons of the Basic H

Each spray bottle tells you how much Basic H to add for each type of cleaning job.  A few drops for glass and window cleaner (that I also use on my stainless steel), 1/4 tsp. for all purpose cleaning (that I use for dusting furniture and cleaning kitchen countertops), and 1 1/2 tsp for  a degreaser that I use to clean the microwave, the sinks, tubs, and showers.  I have been using those 3 bottles for about 6 weeks now.   When they are out, all I will need is about 2 more teaspoons of the Basic H to make 3 more bottles.  So, the products may cost a little more upfront, but I don’t think I am going to have to buy any other type of cleaner the rest of the year.  (I was previously using Seventh Generation products, which are also really good, but don’t last nearly as long and end up being much more expensive over the long run).

When I ordered my products, Bonnie sent me a guide listing what I could use the Basic H cleaner on.  Here is a short list….wood, glass, floors, dishes, fabrics, leather, houseplants, paint brushes,  and fruits and veggies.  Yep…the same stuff you use to dust your furniture, you can use to clean your food!!!

You can put some in your steam iron to keep it free of mineral deposits. 

You can put it on your hands before you paint and the paint will wash easily off your hands when you are done. (Can’t wait to try this one…and I think I have the perfect project for it coming up…..)

You can use it to remove wallpaper.

You can bathe with it!!!   (Which is about the only thing I don’t do with it!)

I also ordered the laundry detergent and Nature Bright (which is an alternative to bleach) and they work wonders!!!  As does the dishwashing powder


And the Scour Off….which I have used to clean burnt on mess off of my ceramic cook top and soap scum out of the shower. 


What I like most is that my products have no scent (although I think they do offer some that have a light scent).  Andy is very sensitive to smells. He used to have to leave the house when I would use regular chemical cleaners…and I tried tons of different kinds!  (He had to approve the Scentsy scents before I used them). Plus I know that my Shaklee products are safe and there are no chemicals flying around in the air.

Can you tell I love these products???

Well, let me show you some pictures that should convince you!

I decided see how Shaklee worked to clean my horribly dirty vehicle.  There was dirt and scuff marks all over the ivory leather and hard plastic parts of the interior.  (Not a good choice when you have kids!!!)  I have tried various other products to get it clean, but nothing I found worked very well.  I thought I was just doomed to have a dirty looking vehicle. 

Enter Shaklee.  I used the Basic H Degreaser formula to clean the leather and plastic interior.

Here is a before pic of the back of the front passenger seat (where A.J. constantly puts his dirty shoes).


And here it is after spraying it with the degreaser and wiping it off.


Wow.  Ok, so I moved on to the scuff marks on the back of the headrest of the third row seat that folds down. 


Something evidently got dragged across it.  Those marks have been there for months and wouldn’t come off with anything else. 


But Shaklee did it!!!  YAY!!

Next up was the floorboard when you open the driver’s side door.  This was the dirtiest part.  The picture doesn’t even show how yucky it was…


I used the degreaser and a tiny bit of the Scour Off to get it to look like this!!!


I continue to be amazed at the power of  Shaklee products and the thought of the amount of money that I will save over time!!!   So, if you are looking for some great cleaning products that are safe for your family and the environment, I promise you will love Shaklee. 

And just to end…here is a video clip from Oprah telling you a little more…

Video taken from Bonnie’s Blog, House of Grace

I am not a Shaklee distributor and don’t plan to be.  And I was not asked to do this review.  I just wanted to because I love spreading the word about great things!

Thank you so much Lori for writing this!!!  You are so sweet and your vehicle is so clean!!!!  LOVE THAT! :)  You reminded me how I REALLY NEED to clean mine…as soon as it gets a little warmer, ha!

Please go tell her that she is so sweet for spreading the word about using great, safe products that actually work and for sharing her befores  (we love looking at them, lol)!!!

I also want to share a comment that I received this week from Beth at Beth and Adam.


I'm so excited to tell you what I did the other night! Well, the first part sucks, but Shaklee came to the rescue! LOL :)
I washed some t-shirts (and dried them UGH!), and a tie dye one that I've washed a hundred times decided to bleed pink all over 4 of my other white t-shirts. Now, I wouldn't have been annoyed if these had just been crappy old t-shirts, but they were of course some cheerleading competition shirts I've kept from about 15 years ago, and they were pretty much ruined. :( I wish I had realized the pink was one them before they went through the dryer, but oh well!
Then I remembered I had just gotten some Nature Bright from you, and I thought, well why not give it a try! I first mixed up a small amount and put it on the stains and let it sit. Well, the pink started to fade, but me being impatient, I decided to fill up the washer, and soak them in the Nature Bright and see what it would do!
HOLY COW!! 20 minutes later I check back and NO PINK! I can't believe it got that pink out! Even after I had dried the shirts, not knowing it was on there! I was so excited!! :)
I can't wait to write up a post on my blog about all the amazing things Shaklee has already helped me do at my house!! :)

Beth, you are so sweet!  Great story!  Thanks so much for sharing and we can’t wait to read your post! I am so glad that you were able to save those other shirts. :)

Both of you gals are the BEST!! :)  I really appreciate you telling me and others about these products!  Have a great day and happy cleaning! :)

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If you have bought Shaklee from me and want to share your experience please let me know and I would love to feature you!!

Here is a button for everyone who has bought Shaklee from me and love it!


Thanks so much!!! :)

Have a great today and try to stay warm!


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