Saturday, January 8, 2011

How I Organize my Christmas Décor

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great weekend so far! 

Since the Epiphany is over now, we took down all of our Christmas décor.

Do you remember this post when I showed you all of my Christmas décor?

2010 11 23_0655

My stuff took up a WHOLE room!  That’s CRAZY!!!  Isn’t it?

I think so!

Anyway,  I knew when I was decorating that I had WAY TOO MUCH!!!  So I decided that everything that I didn’t use that year, I would donate or save for our annual garage sale.

Since my theme was white and sparkly with some nature accents,  I knew that I didn’t want to keep anything red.

I LOVE red but I can’t keep everything!  Plus, I changed my house colors from reds and greens to blues and browns so red didn’t match anymore.

It’s a good thing I didn’t buy anything new last year, ha!

I was able to keep everything that I am keeping into 8 bins!  I can’t believe it!!!!

We bought a real tree last year and LOVED it so we donated our fake tree to the Goodwill before Christmas…so now I don’t have to store that anymore!

2011 01 08_1864

I also decided not to keep anything that does NOT fit in a bin…it is just easier that way! :)

I picked out some really cute scrapbook paper and made some labels for my bins! 

(I got my “red” fix in the labels, lol!)


I just love those little Santas! :)

2011 01 08_1863

Then I taped them to the bins.

 2011 01 08_1865 

Now they are organized, labeled and ready to go into the basement!

I am excited about all the space I am saving down there by NOT bringing everything back down there.

2011 01 08_1867

I can’t forget this picture.  My daughter LOVES organizing with me and she had to get in a picture, haha.  She makes organizing more fun!  She even organizes the candy at the checkout lanes, lol!

  2011 01 08_1870

So, let’s look at what I USED to have…

2010 11 23_0655

…and this is what I have NOW!

2011 01 08_1871

WOW!!! Much better! :)  I feel like I just lost weight!  It’s funny how getting rid of things makes you feel so good! (at least for me)

Did you cut back on your Christmas decor last year?

How do you organize you stuff?

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Good Luck!!!!

Have a great weekend! :)



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