Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Clean your Oven: The Ultimate Shaklee Test

Happy Sunday!  I hope that you are having a relaxing day today.  We are going to go to church and then going to relax and play games.  My kids have really been into Chutes and Ladders and Sequence for Kids.  I think we play almost everyday now, lol! 

How is you mind organizing going?  If you posted about it, please link up here and you can also post it on my facebook page along with the author of the book Organize Now!’s page.
Anyway, I just wanted to show you another amazing Shaklee testimony!!!  Even I was blown away, ha!  Leah from Flawless Human was at it again with her cleaning skills.
  She showed us here her review about Shaklee’s Dish Wash Concentrate.  Today is showing us how to clean our oven.  She really worked hard and it paid off.  Her oven looks brand new again!! :)

Here is her post…

The Ultimate Shaklee Test

I WAS skeptical.

I just didn't think it would work.

It hadn't been done in months.

I was avoiding the chemicals heavy duty oven cleaners have.

It WAS disgusting and humiliating!

Enter - Shaklee Get Clean De-greaser & Scour Off.

De-greaser is made from Basic H concentrate.

First, I have to say I LOVE the smell of Scour Off, it's like Cherry Bubblegum.

(kind of looks like it too, if gum were a paste)

Second, it's all natural, safe for you, your home, and your planet. NO more mask, burning eyes or hands!

Third, IT WORKS!

Don't believe me? Check out the proof!


Now you can see I wasn't exaggerating about the grossness!

After taking this picture I sprayed it all with the de-greaser, let it set a few minutes and wiped to get all the gooey loose stuff off.

Then scrubbed away with the paste and a scrubby sponge.


Can you believe it?!

Yes, there's a couple spots left and I could have gotten them off but I just plum ran out of stamina.

(I took a "break" to clean my in-laws place between cleaning the door and oven)

Here's the fine print:

this method WILL require time, LOADS of energy and elbow grease!

And though I'd like to say the scour off paste did it all... a metal putty knife was used CAREFULLY as well.

I'd also recommend NOT letting your oven get as bad as mine!!!

In conclusion...

I would definitely say TRY IT yourself! Shaklee products are great, good for you and they have a wide variety of uses as well as great prices.
[I am not paid or instructed to do these reviews by Shaklee. I'm simply a happy customer.]

WOW!!!!  Can you believe that?  Doesn’t her oven look great?

Thanks Leah for writing and sharing this! 

Please go visit Leah and tell her that she did a great job!!! :)

If you ordered Shaklee from me, please grab a button for your blog.


Have a great Sunday!!!


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