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How to Earn Money from Home: Part 1 My Story

So you are all probably intrigued by this title, huh?
Well, there are several ways to earn an income while staying at home but… I am going to share the way I KNOW how!  I am sure you know by now, that I am completely in love with Shaklee’s products but what I don’t talk about enough is the amazing earning opportunity it has to given me and so many others!!
If you are interested in earning money from home through blogging or other ways, this post is for you! 
This is the first post to a 3 post series! 
Here is my story…enjoy!

My first Shaklee experience was  from my Mom almost 12 years ago!  My Mom started using Shaklee’s Get Clean products because they were cheap and worked!!!  She started with the Basic H, Basic G and the laundry products

One of the things that I remember the most, was my Mom completely super excited about her new cleaning products! 
She was so excited that as soon as she got her products she made our whole family go on a HUGE cleaning frenzy!  I had to clean to windows…I still remember, lol!  I really could care less about cleaners at the time but I will never forget her excitement!!!  (She sounded like a lot of the emails I get from customers now, lol!) 
She even made a new cleaning routine and her friends came and brought things to our house to see if she can clean them, lol!  Now, you know where I get my cleaning OCD from, ha!   Seriously, her friends would come over and bring things and my mom would spray Basic H on it and then they would cheer  and say, “I can’t believe it…It WORKED!”  I thought they were very funny to watch!!!  LOL! :)
The Shaklee laundry products also helped with my sister’s skin rash.  Read the story HERE!
So, for several years, I just used the products.  I was in high school and my Mom Shaklee-ized our house!  We used every Shaklee line including the non-toxic cleaners and laundry products, supplementsshampoo and condition, face wash, lotions, sunscreen, toothpaste…..EVERYTHING!!!  I was just used to using SHAKLEE!
Ok…Let’s get to the money making part that you are all waiting for!
My mom was considering starting her own Shaklee business and wanted to know what I thought so she showed me some information.  


At that time, I was 18 and was working full time as a Certified Personal Trainer, going to college full time at night, completing my internship and oh yeah…planning my wedding!
We were paying for our wedding ourselves so I NEEDED money! 


I saw that this man, Gary Burke,  was making over 548,266.80 a year…that’s right…a year!!!  I thought (no offense, Gary) that if an old man can do this than so can I, lol!  (I am on his team, so I can say that, lol!  Go GARY…you are a great inspiration to me!!)

kind of tree is your business

Now, I didn’t think that I was going to make that much per year but I thought I should be able to make something!
I already knew I liked the products so I just had to start sharing them with others…I knew I could do that!


I mostly shared the weight loss products, supplements and business with others.  Since I was a Personal Trainer, it just made sense!  The weight loss products WORK!!!!  Try them and you will see!  I swear by it!!! :)

After just 3 months,  I was earning over a $1,000 a month.  (I am not trying to show off but I want to let you know that you can do this if you want…this business was a blessing and gift to us!)
I was able to pay for our wedding!  This meant that I was able to have the wedding I wanted and we didn’t start our life in huge debt because of it!  WOO HOO!!! :)

2011 01 14_2041

After a while, we moved and I kind of stopped sharing Shaklee…I know…how could I?  :(

Well,  I got a new job and soon after that, I got pregnant, then I had my daughter Grace (I named my blog after her!), then I got pregnant again with my son.  We moved again!  Shortly after that…pregnant again! 

So I was BUSY!!!


After that… I just spent my days cleaning, organizing,  grocery shopping, changing diapers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, potty training, cleaning, garage sale-ing, decorating, working out, reading, taking naps, reading and playing with the kids and did I mention…cleaning, ha!

Here is my little clan now! :)

Christmas card pic 2010

So what I am saying is that, I did not really work at my business too much….but I was still getting paid EVERY MONTH!  Yes,  I was still earning a check because of the re-orders from everyone that I already shared Shaklee with!  LOVE that!  What other business allows you to earn passive income like that?

Did you know that the average Shaklee consumer has been a customer for 14 years?

I  shared Shaklee in the beginning and they fell in LOVE and kept re-ordering.  They even referred their friends too! :)

I was still using the products this whole time for free because all my checks paid for our products.  I was able to take the best nutritious supplements on the market during all my pregnancies and while nursing, use all non-toxic cleaners, body and facial care products without spending any money on them!  That was really helpful to us!!   I LOVE SHAKLEE!!!

But… it wasn’t until last year when I started really looking at the business again.

So what now?

Now,  I have built up my business more than I ever planned!!! :)  I spend my time building my business at home and training others to do the same!! :)


I get to stay at home with my kiddos and never miss a thing!!! I am now able to add to our family financially!  Currently, I am earning the same amount as when I was working full-time!! I am truly grateful!!!!  In the fall, I enrolled my daughter to a private Catholic school that I am PAYING for!  This means so much to me!!!  Such a blessing to us!!! :) I never thought that I can do all this from home!  I love that I can still be here to drop off and pick-up my daughter, play with my boys during the day and work at my own schedule!  With Shaklee, you can earn trips, cars and other bonus too!  I will be taking my first trip in May!  So exciting!!! :)
Besides all this,  I love knowing that I am making a future for my family and helping others to the same!  This is something that I will always have!  I can continue to build each year as my family’s schedule allows me!

I can make time for the important things in life! :)

2010 07 06_7018

Plus,  I LOVE knowing that I am sharing  great, safe products and a strong business!  I trust Shaklee and I really feel like I am doing my part by sharing it with others!  AND I never need to ask people to buy something that they are not already buying and consuming!  I am just showing them safer and healthier products to use instead…products that help their families, our environment and wallets!
If you would also like to earn money from home, help your family healthful and financially (whether you want to get your products for free or earn a full or part time income), make a difference for others and for our planet, I would love for you to join my team and I will help you get started with your own Shaklee business!  I know how to earn money from home and would love to help you too! 

Let’s make a difference together!!!


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