Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Order Shaklee in Canada


Good morning!  I have been getting a lot questions from Canadians wondering where they can order Shaklee.

Well,  I have a Shaklee Distributor on my TEAM and you can order from her! :)

Her name is Bette and she a stay at home mom of three gorgeous kids ranging in ages of 11-4. She is a mom-blog junkie and  she blogs at Frugal Mom X.  She loves to create, decorate and clean. She tries to make the best with what she has and lives life to the fullest on a budget.

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She showed us her LOVE for Shaklee in many of her posts like this one on how she cleaned her oven. :)

Here are some before pictures...

And the AFTERS!!!!

(She just put a dab on a dollar store scrubber and added water and rubbed all over the yucky messes.)

She also used Scour Off on her ceramic top stove to get cooked-on-spillovers off. 

It's magical and smells like bubblegum!

She showed us here how she cleans out her fridge.

It went looking like this….

…to this…

after using this…

She also showed us how she cleaned her stainless steel refrigerator with Basic H! :)

She even washed these old keys with Basic H.

And then she used the keys like this.  Neat, huh?

But one of my favorite posts was where she showed us how she cleaned her bar stools that she has been trying to clean for a looooong time! 

This was her bar stool before she washed it with Basic H.

(She could never these cleaned before).

This is 3 years of spilled on juice/milk/unknowns that she has  tried to clean and could never quite get off.



So if you are from Canada and would LOVE to order any of Shaklee’s amazing products, please head over to Betts’s Shaklee site and support our TEAM!!!!


Have a great Sunday!!!! :)

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