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Micowaves, and stains, and toilets, Oh My!

Hey everyone!!    I hope that you get motivated to GET CLEAN after this post!!! 

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Here is what she wrote…

Microwaves and stains, and
toilets, Oh My!


First, a huge thank you to Bonnie over at House of Grace for the feature of on her blog, she is such a sweetie-pie!

So yesterday I posted all about Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste and I really hope you enjoyed it and found it inspiring! I had so much fun :)

Today my weapon of choice is Organic Basic H, with that 1 cleaner, you can make 3 different formulas.... all purpose, degreaser, and window/mirrors.

I first started with the all purpose formula, and I sprayed the front of the microwave and wiped it down with my all-purpose micro-fiber cloth.  I don't have a before picture of the microwave cause honestly I was on a roll!  Picture this, no shine and greasy fingerprints.
Here is what it now looks like.

Fabulous!!  No streaks!
Next stop, the couch!  Every mom has come across this "issue".  When I saw Bonnie have the same problem and how easy it was to clean up, I was kinda excited to see my little boy draw on the couch with a pen... Now it was my time to see just how well this works.   Just as Bonnie did, I made up the degreaser formula of
Basic H

I sprayed on the "troubled" area, and let it sit for a few minutes

I rubbed the area for a couple of minutes with my all-purpose micro-fiber cloth
and look at that... the ink is gone, and trust me, this is still the same couch.  I was a bit worried about just spraying a cleaner on the fabric before doing a "spot test" but it worked perfectly, and what a lovely fresh smell, so I touched up a few other spots on the couch.

I also went around and polished all my wood furniture with the all purpose formula, I used it on my cheap Target furniture, I used it on my oak dining table, I used it on my mother-in-laws china cabinet (from the 1800's) and I used it on my buffet (1900's).  So guess what I did... threw away my Pledge, and windex!  I have yet to try the Basic H window/mirrors formula, but don't worry, that will happen very soon!

Last post I talked about Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste
after that post I totally remembered to try it inside the toilet.  We have well water, lots of rust and calcium, yuk! I usually use that blue stuff you pour along the toilet wall and scrub, and this is what I am left with

See that rust line thingie... that is where most of the water is delivered from, charming!  Got my paste and a damp sponge, and went to town, after I got started I learned that is was also a huge calcium deposit, so I really had to use some elbow grease.

Holy awesome it is gone!  WOW! 

I then just gave the toilet a quick wipe down with Basic G, Shaklee’s Natural Germicide.  Its residual effectiveness lasts up to three days after application. Chlorine (bleach) used as a disinfectant is effective no more than one hour. Great wherever disinfectants are used!  Every night before I go to bed, I spray down the counter tops with Basic G, wait a few minutes then wipe it down, oh, did I mention it smells so fresh and clean, not harsh at all!

I think I am love!  You may recall, I USE to say, the more is smells like bleach the better it is cleaned... sooooo wrong!  There is no way I am ever cleaning with bleach again!  There are so many uses for Basic G, it is crazy awesome.
So there you have it, Basic H & Basic G are my new best friends.  After 2 days of cleaning, my hands look like I haven't done anything.  I think I can take my dermatologists off speed dial.  My hands have never looked better and I couldn't be happier!!!
Tomorrow I will tell you all about.... well you will have to see ;)
In the mean time, make a stop over at House of grace, she does a fabulous job decorating her home, and cleaning everything.


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