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Organize your Life Party and a Giveaway!!!!

Organize your LIFE

Hello everyone!  I am sooooo excited about this post!  I have been waiting to share this with you for a long time now!  I have been wanting to host an organizing party for months now and I am finally going to do it!!!!

Back in September, when my husband and I took a weekend getaway to Florida,  I found my new favorite organizing book!  Because we were without kids, we were able to spend some quality time at the bookstore looking for books to get.  Ha, yes..that is fun for me, lol!  I love going to the bookstore, getting a coffee and flipping through the books WITHOUT the kids!

2011 01 23_2114

Anyway,  I found a book called Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry. 

2011 01 23_2113

I looked through a lot of books!!

2011 01 23_2111

What caught my attention to this book was the fact that she gives a week-by-week guide to organize your life!

2011 01 23_2112

Meet Jennifer…

2011 01 23_2115

Jennifer Ford Berry is a organizational expert, entrepreneur, speaker and author. Jennifer is the author of the best selling book Organize Now! which is now sold world wide. She has also written numerous articles and e-books including Weekly Organizing Tips.

Jennifer is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. She is also the co-owner of Mothertime Marketplace, a semi-annual event geared toward children and moms, that is currently held four times per year in Western New York.

Currently, Jennifer resides in Western New York with her husband and two children. She is available for book signings, discussion groups and speaking engagements.

- Professional Organizer for 8+ years
- Owner of Organize This Life!
- Author of Organize Now! and Weekly Organizing Tips
- Speaker/ Motivator
- Event organizer and planner
- Virtual organizer
- Individual coaching and goal setting
- Creator, organizer and owner of Mothertime Marketplace
- 15 years of sales/marketing experience
- Faithful Organizers Member
- Editor in Chief of Western New York
-Online Organizing Member

I really LOVED her table of contents!  She tells me exactly what to do and in order!!!  Everyone can use this, right?

2011 01 23_2118

I also LOVE how she includes organizing your mind, schedules and priorities and not just parts of your home!

2011 01 23_2117

I think you NEED to organize yourself before you can try to organize everything around you!

2011 01 23_2119

Did I mention, I LOVE starting with organizing your mind?  So important!!! :)

2011 01 23_2120

For each week, she includes a checklist of goals and tips to make the week simple and manageable!

 2011 01 23_2125

I LOVE this book~!

2011 01 23_2121

Jennifer also has some great tips on how to cut clutter!  We can all use that, can’t we?

2011 01 23_2122

She even includes cute little inspirational quotes to keep us motivated along the way! :)

2011 01 23_2123

I also love reading the little side notes!

2011 01 23_2124

This book offers practical, action-oriented advice that teaches you how to organize any part of your life in less than one week. Long-term goals help keep the clutter away for the months and years to follow so you can maintain the order you create. You’ll find help with everything from time management and mental clutter to paperwork, pets, purses, toys, rooms and life events such as moving, pregnancy and celebrating the holidays.
Quick, easy-to-follow checklists let you spend more time organizing and less time reading—a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle! Countless tips help make organizing faster, easier and more effective. Special “Live Green” tips show you how to help the environment, and in many cases your wallet, by rethinking, recycling, reducing, and reusing as you organize.

Alright, on the the PARTY!!!

YES, I am starting a WEEKLY link-up party and it is based on this book!

I am going to be following this book, week-by-week and blogging about it!

I encourage and challenge you to do the same and link up each week. :)

Together we will ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE!!!!

The party we be every Thursday!  Each week,  I will give you the goals and tips of the week and show you what I did that week.  Then you can link up your post about the weekly challenge and we can all learn from each other and get organized!!!

On to the giveaway!

I teamed up with Jennifer and she has graciously agreed to giveaway her book, Organize Now!, to someone who wants to follow along!

If you want to buy now, just click the link below and order your own copy today!  I seriously love the book and bought it with my own money.  I did not get paid to write this but if you buy from my link below, I will get a slight percentage.  Thanks! :)

If you want to join me and ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE, simply grab my button and link up your blog to get organized and for a chance to win your own, Organize Now!, book!

Organize your life

I will be picking the winner next week so come join in the organizing fun!!! :)

This is going to be fun!

Join the organizing fun HERE!!!!


Get ready and come back Thursday because that is the beginning of week 1: Organize your Mind! 

hint.hint: there might be another giveaway!!!



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